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Our system supports a robust API that you can use in a variety of ways. One method is to call the API at real time and use it to drive your customer-facing website. Another method is to call the API as a scheduled task (for example, every morning at 1:30am) and build your web database on a daily automated basis.


Our web catalog technology gives your users the ability to search results in a professional manner that you’ve come to expect from today’s top websites. Besides simple keyword search, you can perform Advanced Searches that allow searching within specified fields with various options applied. Partial matches and wildcards are fully supported.

Filter Content

What makes a web or mobile catalog effective is a user’s ability to search and filter through products easily and intuitively. You can filter results based on specific fields you wish to include. Typically these fields will be technical specifications that allow someone to quickly and easily find products that meet their exacting requirements.

Web to Print

Not only can your web catalog connect to your database real-time for up-to-the-second data updates, but your sales reps can directly generate pricebooks at any time using the same database. The ability to generate a pricebook within minutes using the latest data is vitally important to your sales force, where out-of-date specifications and descriptions can be the difference between a sale and another lost opportunity.


Sometimes an Out-Of-Box Solution just doesn’t cross every “T” and dot every “I” the way you’d like it to. While we strive to hit all the bases for the majority case of our customer base, our tool can be customized to meet your exacting requirements when needed.

Gallery Catalog

If you are a manufacturer you can use our built-in Gallery Catalog and easily show your products to your distributors and suppliers. The Gallery Catalog does not display pricing and is the quickest way to leverage your product database and start making use of our catalog software.

Image Processing

With Catsy, you can rest easy when it comes to auto-generating product photos, web photos and thumbnails in different resolutions, image formats, backgrounds, etc. We have the necessary technology to take the raw image file from photography and to generate all breakout images so that it is available to all your print and digital marketing channels.

Multi Lingual Support

We support different languages with the REST API. Our content management system is built from the ground up to support any number of custom languages. Split-screen view allows you to work with two languages at once, which makes for easy translation and comparison. What’s more, both Web and Print can automatically pull data from the language version of your choice. This means your website is fully prepared to go global, and your print catalogs can be regenerated using alternate languages within minutes!


Role management allows you to grant or restrict access based on different roles (aka “departments”). This means you can quickly assign access by grouping your users according to their role requirements, rather than doing this on an individual basis. For example, Customer Service can be granted Read access only to certain descriptive fields and specifications, whereas the Product Manager role has Full access to all fields, including pricing. Not only can access be broken down by the individual attribute, but each individual catalog project can similarly be granted access or have it revoked based on role.

What our Clients Say

“Using your custom templates helped cut our overall production time almost in half. Thanks to the database, our error rate has also dropped significantly. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Kelly, Wainright

Anselmo Electronics (Industrial Electronics Supply House)

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