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InDesign Spray

Once you have created a customized template, you can use Spray to quickly create output for any number of selected products, or even entire sections of product. The Sprayer will take the template and replace the contained fields with whatever is in the datbase for the selected product(s). The best part is, all of the styling attached to your template remains in place, which means you can create many pages of content quickly with a single Spray step.

Refresh your Catalog

As your product templates are Sprayed on the page, over time these values will change in the database. Because the sprayed output is part of the document, it goes ‘stale’ once the databased content changes. To alleviate this, you can select any number of frames and perform a “Refresh” which checks each and every one of the two-way links in the templates. If newer data is found in the database, it will replace what is the in the selected frames–all while keeping styling the same!

Automated Indexing

Anyone who has built a manual Index can tell you that it is a nightmare task. This is because each and every Index entry has a corresponding page #, and the second you move a product from one page to another, it can completely throw it off. With Catalogforce, you can Index by any field in your database. In fact, you can create a merged index using up to 3 separate indexes! Once you choose your Index field, the plugin will search the entire book of documents and get the associated page numbers. Within minutes, you will have an Index that could have taken weeks or months otherwise. The best part? Because the entire process only takes a few minutes, as you alter the layout late in the process there is nothing to worry about because you can re-run the Index as often as you need.

Simplified Image Layout

The Catsy templates allow you to include linked product photos, so that the correct image from the database is included along with the product copy, pricing, and other fields. However, there may be times when you want to include more than just what is coming from the template. With Imagesource, you can select a product and view ALL images that correspond to a given product–not just the ones coming from your template! This allows you to drag and drop the image directly onto the page, or into a pre-existing style frame if you have one. Allows you to fully customize your output with an easy-to-access image pallet.

Accelerate layout with paragraph styles

Paragraph Styles are, of course, natively supported in InDesign. But, did you know you could also use these when bypassing InDesign to use the browser-based Catalog Editor? It’s true! You can define paragraph styles that account for font, style, size, color, etc. just as you would within InDesign. These styles are then applied to text or field references within your templates. Then, at the point of catalog creation, the tool will incorporate the styles just as if it were InDesign. Who said you needed fancy graphical designer software to do fancy graphic design?

Content Management

Rapidly update and publish your catalog Centralized system for multi-user access to up-to-date data Prevent errors from managing outdated or unsynchronized data Review digital assets, artwork, pricing and product data all in one location Instantly synchronize print and web catalogs.

Design Management

Eliminate redundancy using reusable templates. Unhindered freedom to design your custom layout. Optional pre-built templates to quickly launch a catalog. Save time with advanced auto-styling features. Synchronize content with the database with the click of a button. Seamlessly integrate your photography into your catalog templates Tools to quickly link your photography to products and quickly format it for publication. Simplify the layout and photography approval process.

Integrated Workflow Benefits

Simplify the communication between layout and content teams. Eliminate errors with end-to-end catalog software used by all departments. Identify pending tasks by generating status reports. Manage projects more effectively with system flags and task lists.

What our Clients Say

“Using your custom templates helped cut our overall production time almost in half. Thanks to the database, our error rate has also dropped significantly. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Kelly, Wainright

Anselmo Electronics (Industrial Electronics Supply House)

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