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Catalog Building Center

With Catsy, you will have all the tools necessary to create flyers, pricebooks, catalogs and spec sheets. Catsy is like a fexible solution that gives you options so you can create catalogs with very little or no customization .. all the way to highly customized catalogs. You will be in the driver’s seat to decide the best strategy for your organization based on your needs.

Centralize Product Information

With Catsy, you no longer have to enter and maintain data in multiple systems just to keep your website, print catalogs, and mobile catalogs up to date. Instead, a single powerful product database holds all of your marketing copy, specifications, pricing, and images. This helps to minimize errors and reduce data entry while powering all of your various marketing channels.

Category Management

Group your products into categories to make them easier to find. Create customized specifications (like Horsepower, Max RPM, and Torque) that apply to one product category but not another. You can even place the same item in multiple categories if that suits you! Categorization within Catsy is fully customizable and gives you a range of options to best present your products in print or online!

Event Management

With event management, you can reuse the same product information across catalogs, and at the same time create different versions of pricing. Event management also allows you to only select the products you want to publish from your master database, and still share the same product description across catalogs. Each event can be managed individually and you can even grant permissions to your users by events. For example, you can setup events in a way so all your web visitors see Price A for an item, but your preferred customers see Price B for the same item.

Digital Asset Management

Digital assets includes more than just images like product photos, alternate photos, and line drawings. It could be a video file, audio file, spec sheet, PDF literature, Youtube link…you name it. Each of these assets are linked to your individual products so they are available at all times. With Catsy there is no limit to the number of number of assets you can have. You can add assets by formula so you can automate and bulk-link images, or you can manually assign images to products.

Intuitive Import Wizards

Easily import your content using a wizard that holds your hand each step of the way. Whether this is a simple pricing update or adding 5K new products, the process is virtually the same: choose the type of import you’d like, point to your import file, and Go. If the Importer notices any issues with your data file, you will be notified prior to Import, giving you a chance to fix your file before trying again.

Lists & Tables Supported

Whether you have simplistic product lists and charts, multiple charts breaking down product groupings even further, or more advanced Tables giving you cell-by-cell control, we’ve got your back.

An Easy-To-Use Catalog Builder

Anyone can create a good-looking catalog, even without a design background. Using the PDF Catalog Builder, all you need is a knowledge of your products. You can pick and choose the products you wish to include in your catalog (like adding to a shopping cart), and then choosing from one of our predefined templates. These templates drive the look and feel of the product blocks within the catalog. Then, all you have to do is choose your colors, fonts, and enter any customized text you’d like to include in the Header/Footer areas (like phone number or website).

A Full-Featured Catalog Editor

This is for those where the PDF Catalog Builder doesn’t quite pack enough punch for their needs. This browser-based Editor allows you to take more control of the catalog output, by giving you the power to move frames within the catalog. This means you can pack products more tightly on the page, or place them more sparsely for effect. You can also place additional images, remove images, or add/remove advertisements.

Table Support

Support for Advanced Tables is also included in case a List just isn’t enough. Whereas a List is a pretty simple display of Items, Fields, and Values, an Advanced Table can reference product information from within any cell. You could use it to show multiple items across rows and columns (whereas in a List, a row refers to one item always). You also have more control on the output, because you can merge cells within rows and columns to create exactly what you want.

Product Change History

Any change made to your data is tracked and saved as part of History. From any Product, you can go to its History and see the full timeline of changes made since it was first created. Each change will show the old value as well as the new, the time it was made, whether it was hand-entered or came in via Import, and who made the change. You can also select changes made here and directly Revert them.

Comprehensive Reports

A full-featured suite of Reports is available to you out of the box. You have a Missing Image report that goes through your various catalogs and details every product that is missing an image. There is a Status Report that allows you to filter on any individual field, so you could easily see which catalog copy fields are less than X number of characters, which tells you instantly that they need some beefing up. There is an Activity Report that quickly gives you a breakdown on what products have been added, deleted, or updated within a given catalog.

Catsy Wiki

At any time, you can receive self-directed help by visiting our Wiki help page. This will link you to questions from the past that were already answered, as well as a series of overview topics to help you get familiar with the many aspects of the Catsy tool.

Customizable Themes

When creating your on-the-fly PDF catalog, you still have the ability to personalize it using Themes. A Theme is nothing more than your collection of personalized settings. You can change the Colors of the catalog to enforce your Branding. You can change which fields of information your product template pulls from. You can also determine what static text you want to include in the Header and Footer areas of the catalog. This could be something like phone number, website address, or any other custom message like “Free Shipping on Orders over $35”.

Customizable Attributes

Catsy doesn’t limit the number of attributes (aka “Fields”) you can create. In fact, there are many different types of attributes that help you to enforce your content more strictly if you wish to do so. For example, a “String” field will basically accept any text you place into it, whereas a “Number” field will only accept numbers. You can also create a predefined list of options called a “Picklist Field”. For example, if you only offer a product in 1 of 5 colors, you can create a Picklist field called “Available Color Options” and only these 5 choices can be selected. This ensures your data is uniform and eliminates possibility of data entry errors.


Many factors determine pricing. Below is an overview of the different plans we have. Provide us with some basic information and we will send you pricing!


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“Using your custom templates helped cut our overall production time almost in half. Thanks to the database, our error rate has also dropped significantly. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Kelly, Wainright

Anselmo Electronics (Industrial Electronics Supply House)

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