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Print Catalog Creation

If you are in a rush to publish a print catalog, or if you do not have the resources to handle it yourself, we can do it for you! We use our own catalog software and comprehensive best practices to drive this process to completion. We fully encourage our clients to use the application to edit descriptions or approve product selection but it is entirely up to you on deciding the degree to which you are willing to participate in the process. We’ve designed and published many catalogs – big, small, B2B or B2C. Each catalog project is unique and therefore our role is flexible to fit your individual requirements. In some cases, we are designing and producing the entire catalog ourselves. In other cases, we are merely generating the product blocks and the design is left to a group of designers. In still other cases, we play a supplemental role to help get a catalog produced in a “crunch period”, acting as an extended team of offsite graphic designers.

Catalog Strategy

Many organizations that rely on their product sales require a plan to deploy and leverage their catalogs efficiently. Just as no two companies are exactly alike, this plan varies from company to company in order to accommodate your unique challenges and strengths. In varying degrees, this plan will require elements of technology and workflow process to bring it to absolute fruition. We have more than a decade of experience in design and content delivery so you can move forward with complete confidence. Contact us to learn more.

On-Demand Price Books & Catalogs

Some organizations have dynamic pricing that is vitally important for their retail stores or sales representatives. Other companies have mailing lists where they have to send out up-to-date price books and catalogs on a relatively frequent basis. Then there are companies that deal with constantly fluctuating pricing and the challenges that go along with keeping these updated for all marketing channels. For all of these scenarios an on-demand 2-step publishing process is vital. We offer this solution but it isn’t as simple as flipping a switch: it requires some customization on our part to account for your unique data types and preferred style of output. If you need such a service, please contact us. We are here to help!

Website Integration

Catalog and product information spans across the entire organization. Pricing originates from an ERP system, copy tends to be managed by Marketing, images are handled by creative services, etc. For a website to be effective, a myriad of content pieces (perhaps across different physical locations) have to be merged together seamlessly. Whether your organization has an elaborate setup that requires customization, or a relatively straightforward setup that merely needs some optimization and help with best practices, we are here to serve you. We’ll help you reduce the overall effort it takes to get your precious content to the Web, and we’ll get it there on a more timely basis. Please contact us today and let’s have a conversation!

Mobile Catalog Implementation

Similar to on-demand catalogs, many organizations are now equipping their sales representatives with fully searchable and real-time synchronizable catalogs that work with today’s mobile devices. More than just an “app”, it fully allows your sales reps to have complete access to the latest product data even if they are working in remote areas or warehouses with poor or no data signal. If you are interested in such a solution, please contact us.

Content Loading

If you have never used a product database to publish your print catalogs, a good percentage of your valued content is probably residing in publishing documents–perhaps across multiple machines in multiple locations. We can help you in liberating this content from the documents into a single comprehensive database so all your product information can flow easily between automated systems, departments, and catalogs. Similarly, Data Cleanup is a service where the content you do have can be run through logical processes to ensure that it is consistent and meets your individual requirements. One common example of this would be in cases where descriptive fields use a variety of similar terms or words (such as “Gallon”, “gal”, “Gal.”, and “gallon”) when one standard descriptor would be preferred, to eliminate confusion.

What our Clients Say

“Using your custom templates helped cut our overall production time almost in half. Thanks to the database, our error rate has also dropped significantly. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Kelly, Wainright

Anselmo Electronics (Industrial Electronics Supply House)

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